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The Sixth


3 - 5 August 2002

Nirwana Resort Hotel, Bintan Island, Riau, Indonesia


Sander Adelaar
Alternative Strategies for Studying Malay Linguistic History

Karl Anderbeck
Suku Batin - A Proto-Malay People? Evidence from Historical Linguistics

Umberto Ansaldo & Lisa Lim
Cocos Malay: Fieldwork Notes from a Little Island

Bambang Kaswanti Purwo
The Benefactive And Instrumental -Kan: Their Syntactic Ambiguity In The Bitranstive And Causative Constructions

Peter Cole & Minjeong Son
A Unified Analysis of -kan and -i in Indonesian

Thomas J. Conners
Indonesian Pronouns: A Confusing Typology of Deficiency

Hans den Besten
Possessives in Afrikaans and Varieties of Malay: How Are They Connected?

Benedict B. Dwijatmoko
The Causative in Indonesian

David Gil
Siak Malay: A Preliminary Overview

Nelleke Goudswaard
Malay Borrowings in Ida'an-Begak

Gabriella Hermon & Yassir Tjung
The Acquisition of Relative Clauses in Colloquial Jakarta Indonesian

Sean H. K. Kang & Susan Rickard Liow
Consonant-Vowel Processing in Skilled Readers of Malay

Chonghyuck Kim, Chang-Yong Sim, & Yassir Tjung
ECM and RTO: Two Competing Analyses in Indonesian

Gerry Knowles & Zuraidah Mohd Don
Grammatical Class and "Parts of Speech" in Malay

Paul Kroeger
Causative-Benefactive Homophony in Bahasa Indonesia

Norhaida Aman
"Ibu, listen to what I say": The Acquisition of Singapore Malay

Patuan Raja
The Meaning of -nya in the Language of Four-Year-Old Children

Rogayah A. Razak
NP Quantification in Malay

J.N. Sneddon
Diglossia in Indonesian

Uri Tadmor
Language Contact and the Homeland of Malay

Brad Taylor & David Gil
Computational Tools for Malay / Indonesian Lingistics

Teo Kok Seong
Socio-Phonology: The Case of the Language of the Peranakan Chinese of Kelantan, Malaysia

Thow Mei Kuen, Linda Blankanette, Shafida Saiman, Susan Rickard Liow, & Rogayah A.Razak
First Words in Malay: Parental Report of Infant Language Acquisition Using the Communicative Developmental Inventory for Infants

Johnny Tjia
Grammatical Relations and Grammatical Categories in Malay: The Indonesian Prefix meN- Revisited

Lionel Wee
Event Construal and Verbal Prefixation in Malay

Janet Yong
A Comparative Study of the Discourse Function of Voice in Malay and English