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Session 6, Saturday    Ansaldo, Umberto
Session 1, Friday    Asmah Haji Omar
Session 4, Saturday    Bakker, Peter
Session 5, Saturday    Bambang Kaswanti Purwo
Session 5, Saturday    van den Berg, René
Session 2, Friday    Cohn, Abigail
Session 3, Friday    Cole, Peter, Gabriella Hermon, and Yassir Tjung
Keynote, Saturday    van Engelenhoven, Aone
Session 5, Saturday    Englebretson, Robert
Session 5, Saturday    Ewing, Michael C.
Session 5, Saturday    Gil, David
Session 8, Sunday    Grangé, Philippe
Session 1, Friday    Harimurti Kridalaksana
Session 7, Sunday    Indirawati Zahid
Session 8, Sunday    Lander, Yury A.
Session 3, Friday    Lee, Alan
Session 6, Saturday    Lim, Lisa
Session 2, Friday    van Minde, Don
Keynote, Friday    Nothofer, Bernd
Session 4, Saturday    Paauw, Scott
Session 4, Saturday    Robuchon, Gérard
Session 7, Sunday    Roosman, Lilie M.
Session 4, Saturday    Slomanson, Peter
Session 6, Saturday    Soriente, Antonia
Session 1, Friday    Steinhauer, Hein
Session 7, Sunday    Stoel, Ruben
Session 2, Friday    Tadmor, Uri
Session 1, Friday    Tjia, Johnny
Session 3, Friday    Waruno Mahdi
Session 8, Sunday    I Wayan Arka
Session 3, Friday    Yassir Tjung

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