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  Thursday, 26 June 2003
1730 - 1800 Registration
  Friday, 27 June 2003
0800 - 0830 Late Registration
0830 - 0845 Opening remarks
0845 - 0930 Keynote address
  Bernd Nothofer
     A grammatical description of Delang, a Malayic variant of Southwestern Borneo
0930 - 1000 Coffee break
1000 - 1200 Session 1
  Harimurti Kridalaksana
     From low Malay to standard Malay in the Indonesian Newspapers
  Asmah Haji Omar
     Grammaticalisation of 'diri' (self) in Iban
  Johnny Tjia
     On the origin of negators in Malayic varieties: Insights from Mualang of west Borneo
  Hein Steinhauer
     Kernici sound changes and loanwords
1200 - 1300 Lunch
1300 - 1430 Session 2
  René van den Berg
     Some notes on the origin of Malay di-
  Don van Minde
     More facts on Malay yang
  Uri Tadmor
     The pronominal system of classical Malay
1430 - 1500 Coffee break
1500 - 1700 Session 3
  Waruno Mahdi
     Distinguishing cognate homonym pairs in Indonesian
  Yassir Tjung
     On Ada-Constructions in Indonesian
  Peter Cole, Gabriella Hermon, and Yassir Tjung
     The formation of relative clauses in Jakarta Indonesian: Data from adults and children
  Alan Lee
     Patterns of nasal substitution in Malay dialects
  Saturday, 28 June 2003
0830 - 0915 Keynote address
  Aone van Engelenhoven
     Kasi and bikin: two causative strategies in Melayu Tenggara (Southwest Maluku)
0915 - 0945 Coffee break
0945 - 1145 Session 4
  Scott Paauw
     What is Bazaar Malay?
  Peter Bakker
     Bazaar Malay
  Gérard Robuchon
     The Malayo language in Sri Lanka
  Peter Slomanson
     The Sri Lankan Malay verb
1145 - 1245 Lunch
1245 - 1445 Session 5
  David Gil
     Colloquial Indonesian dialects: How real are they?
  Bambang Kaswanti Purwo
     On understanding 'bare verb' constructions in informal Indonesian
  Michael C. Ewing
     Affix and affect in Indonesian
  Robert Englebretson
     Verb serialization in colloquial Indonesian conversation: A corpus-based study
1445 - 1515 Coffee break
1515 - 1645 Session 6
  Lisa Lim
     Sounding Cocos
  Umberto Ansaldo
     Melayu Kokos: An ecolinguistic view
  Antonia Soriente
     Patterns of negation in an Indonesian-Italian bilingual child
1900 Dinner
  Sunday, 29 June 2003
0830 - 1030 Session 7
  Indirawati Zahid
     Malay intonation revisited
  Lilie M. Roosman
     Jakartan accents in spoken Dutch
  Abigail Cohn
     Truncation in Indonesian and the minimum word
  Ruben Stoel
     The intonation of Manado Malay
1030 - 1100 Coffee break
1100 - 1230 Session 8
  Philippe Grangé
     Aspect and modality in Indonesian: The case of telah, pernah, sempat
  I Wayan Arka
     Ter- vs. di- in Indonesian Revisited: An Integrated Analysis
  Yury A. Lander
     Nominal reduplicaton in Indonesian challenging the theory of grammatical change
1230 - 1245 Concluding remarks and announcements

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